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Law of Attraction is the Outcome – Abundance Starts with Belief

This will have come from beliefs of low self esteem, lack of self worth or lack of confidence and it is absolutely vital that these are faced, resolved and cleared before the process of energetic communication begins, otherwise the attraction of lack continues.

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The Birth of Experience

You are not here to just get by. Any form of belief that keeps you living small, causes contraction energetically. It keeps you resonating from the lower frequencies and so attracting the experiences of survival.


Creating your Desires is the Easy Step…

Moving into high frequency is all about focusing and living your passion, yet there has to be a starting point; a point where you are still living the experiences of lower frequency, the transition time.


Don’t be swayed from your desires…

Despite being blind for over 25 years, Miles has still lived his dreams, encouraging us to realise that “The only limits in our lives are those we accept ourselves.”


Learn to listen from within…

Your energy is connecting and communicating with the energy of everything around you and in time you will begin to recognise this through how you feel.