Energetic Lifestyle Critique

Energy is present in every organic and non organic substance; everything has moving molecules which give off a frequency. You also are energy resonating out frequency constantly, projected from through your beliefs. There is a never ending communication going on around you in energy, yet the message can get blocked with too much dense frequencies around.

All material objects are merely energy molecules densely packed together and the more objects you have around you the more blockages are caused to your energy resonating its communication. What this means is that maintaining higher frequencies can be challenging with a cluttered living space, you may find yourself feeling drained or wake up from a night’s sleep to feel like you haven’t had any rest.

We are energy beings living life experiences through these physical bodies within an energetic Universe.
As part of understanding how to recognise the frequencies of your body, it is important to understand how energy works in every area of your life.

Through conducting your energetic lifestyle critique, Edel will help you understand how energy is working and affecting everything in your experiences.

Edel’s  recommendations are based on over 30 years experience in energetic work with scientific verification, having personally worked with and applied what she guides in her own life and her clients.

Having spent years researching all traditions and energetic practices Edel has created her ‘Energetic Lifestyle Critique’ , based on the most effective ways of letting energy flow, combined with raising the frequency of the body to help accelerate your wealth, success, happiness and love.

What is involved in the Energetic Lifestyle Critique?

Edel will schedule a consultation, depending on your requirements to come out to you, conduct a full Energetic Lifestyle Critique in your place of business and in your home.

Through conversation with you (and family if required) and working with the frequencies present in each place for the critique, Edel will be able to determine:

  • Where energy is getting blocked
  • The cause
  • The recommended solutions, delivered in a full written report.

This detailed report is an overview of Edel’s  visit, what she observed and felt energetically. It will highlight where energy is getting blocked, with recommended suggestions on specific actions that can be taken as remedies required.
Edel will also set out suggested practices that you can apply, which will help raise your energetic frequency each day and help you maintain high frequency.

Energetic communication is not a ‘quick fix’ it has to become a way of life to evolve the conscious creation of your reality.

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