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Breaking the Illusion of Loneliness

My dreaded times of year would be the Festive Season, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. New Year’s Eve would see me in bed by 9pm with ear plugs in. It was not just my incongruence with the whole commercial delusion of the seasons; it was also my painful ache for connection.


The Science Behind not Setting Goals or Resolutions

Yes, you can set goals and resolutions and aim with the best will in the world to stick to them. There is an energetic reason why this process fails time and time again and why holding an energetic intent whilst holding full presence in the present is the key to opening the power of transformation and energetic transmutation.


Tina Turner Honours the Power of Vibrational Resonance

In 1976, Tina Turner escaped a brutally abusive, narcissistic relationship with her then husband Ike Turner, after finding the strength through melding her Baptist religious upbringing with the Buddhist faith. Tina on the guidance from a friend began Buddhism in 1971 and it became her way of life as she discovered her internal journey to peace and freedom.