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The Science of Our Times Part 4

“We know that the immune system, like the central nervous system, has memory and the capacity to learn. Thus, it could be said that intelligence is located not only in the brain but in cells that are distributed throughout the body, and that the traditional separation of mental processes, including emotions, from the body is no longer valid.”

debbie ford

The Science of Our Times Part 3

Understanding the relationship between one’s inner world, where these voices and this wisdom reside, and the outer world is the thing that radically altered my life.


The Science of Our Times Part 2

He is continually called upon to speak about his writings and to inspire and encourage leaders, as well as employees, to integrate business strategy with personal dreams and desires

Joe Dispensa

The Science of Our Times

The quantum physics model of reality tells us that mind and matter are not separate elements. In fact, subjective mind has a true effect on the external objective world.

positive thoughts

What is Your Motivation for Action?

If you desire your story to change, to get haven’t out of your vocabulary and out of your beliefs; you need to be aware of the contrast that is thrown up by your day to day encounters, your emotions and your physical state.