Awareness of energetic communication in opportunities and collaborations

Everything in your experience is making an energetic communication with you. When people, opportunities or collaborations become an effort that you seem to be chasing or constantly ‘working’ at to keep communication or interaction going; become aware that there is energetic incongruence happening from their perception of worth to your highest truth.

When opportunities, collaborations or relationships are congruent to your values and truth, there will always be forward flow, a mutual ease of communication and a natural evolvement. Pursuing anything that involves chasing or coercing will only create energetic resistance and is not congruent to your highest truth.

Becoming the witness, the watcher to your experiences allows you to understand their reflection and recognizing when the mind is holding you in anxiety with thoughts of the future that do not exist. Witness if you feel the need to chase up communication as this indicates a false perception of being ‘without’, not whole and complete. Moving into presence awareness and internal inquiry releases the hold of the addiction of ego and understanding that this moment it is as it is, dissolves all resistance.

© Edel O’Mahony

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