Your cells are in constant communication with you

It is scientifically proven that your cells take their signal from your beliefs and through the electrical processes in the brain, repeated focus creates new neural networks forming. Where focus is removed through a belief change, the neural networks associated with that belief process, are dissolved and disconnects. When neural networks are built, they send the signals to create the projected perception as external experiences.

What this shows is that you have all the ability, through the power of your beliefs, to rewire your brain and the most powerful way to do this is through meditation. This is your practice of presence awareness, a space to make direct communication with your cells and your cells feel this through frequency.

Energy does not hear words, energy feels in frequency. Your cells are in constant communication with you and take their signal from your place of belief in this infinite moment. When you let go of false perceptions and illusional self definitions created in the thought mind by the ego, you open into your truth. In living in your truth, fully present in the now, your cells create the same energetic frequency, transmuting and reflecting as your external experiences.

© Edel O’Mahony

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