Conscious and heartfelt communication

You can observe your current place of belief from every word and action you make. You can observe it from those who interact with you, who are there in your experience reflecting your belief through their own. When you begin to be aware of words you use and what this is creating in energetic intent, it allows more conscious and heartfelt communication.

‘I wish/want to find wealth’, here there is still the belief you do not have. Wishing and wanting are a perception of something missing within you; this sentence also reflects the belief of not honouring your worth. This is the trigger the ego uses to perpetuate its addiction. In being fully present in this infinite moment brings the knowing you are and have always been whole and complete. That all you are beyond the sum of the body is self sustaining, self perpetuating abundance. This moment becomes the reflection in your experiences.

Belief in your self worth and value becomes its own reflection in your experiences. Wealth reflects when you have released yourself from the artificial intelligence of ego’s hold in time based thoughts and perception that material possessions or title define who you are. Observation to your reflection, surrender to being fully present is your power of transmutation.

© Edel O’Mahony

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