When the addiction of ego has you in its grip, anxiety is its fuel


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When the addiction of ego has you in its grip, anxiety is its fuel. Being anxious will always relate to future thoughts, those scenarios you play out in your mind that don’t actually exist. In fact time itself does not exist it is a human construct and one that birthed the parasite of ego. Past and future are merely electrical impulses in the mind, creating the illusion of perception. When this illusion is taken as a belief, your cells act on this signal and not only lower the frequency of the body, they also create the reflected, projected perception as your external experiences.

In that chasm of anxiety, the most powerful recovery is to be very present with it, to step into the perception, which will be the very last thing you wish to do. This is the ego on the defensive, you are about to take away the fuel it feeds on. It is however your freedom. The ego cannot survive in the space of presence and it will do everything it can to feed your addiction and keep you consumed in illusional past and future misperceptions.

Being present in false anxious thought requires your strength and courage. An analogy is to be running away and getting to a cliff edge, where you can make the leap and break your bones or have the belief you will land solidly on two feet and step into your new reality. The ego wants your fear of broken bones, you as conscious awareness knows this is all a projected perception that only you can change. Absolute presence is your anchor, your touchstone. When the anxiety tries to feed the ego bring focus to now, in this infinite moment, everything is fine, you are safe and not in this illusion of the future. Let it go. As you let it pass through you, this trigger that the ego uses dissolves. It takes little steps as you work with each trigger that arises, it will be your freedom.

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