There is a tapestry of energetic exchange in everything you are creating

There is a tapestry of energetic exchange in everything you are creating. You are creating in this infinite moment from the power of your belief. When you believe you are worthless, your energetic exchange becomes worth-less as your beliefs create the reflection as external experiences. The addiction of ego will create the illusion that transmutes into restricted giving and receiving. Your false beliefs of not being worthy are the signal your cells act on, which then causes them to move into lower frequency.

You create your experiences reflecting the immersion of the egoic, time based thought through false perceptions in the belief of being worthless and perpetuate the cycles. Expansion and abundance come through the release of self definitions, the ending of seeking past and future, in trust of your innate knowing, which moves your cells into higher frequency.

When you open presence awareness, you release the ego’s hold; it cannot survive in the present. Here is the knowing and recognizing of your supreme value and worth, in the self realization you are beyond the sum of the body, you are the space in which everything exists, infinite abundance. There is a mirroring energetic exchange of worthiness. Your experiences begin reflecting your belief of natural abundance and allow expansion and opportunities to flow.

© Edel O’Mahony

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