A return to life

Living being an existence or life, happens from your place of belief. All is an expression of experiences, no blame, guilt or failure needs to be attached to either. A return to life and the abundance and internal peace that innately reside there, requires a navigating beyond the manmade artificial intelligence that is ego, that survives in time based thought. In the return to presence in this infinite moment, you dissolve the obstacles created by the ego and nullify its control over you. Here and now is the opening of your truth.

When you focus only on illusional negative thought, you lower cellular frequency. This not only compromises the immune system and starts inflammation which leads to dis-ease, you are also creating the energetic transmutation as reflection in your external environment. Being consumed in delusions of past and future, which are only electrical impulses, you are also denying yourself the knowing of truth in all you are beyond the sum of the body.

Freedom comes through your deep internal inquiry, in opening the energetic communication with every cell in your body and the self realization; you cannot be defined or labelled. That in full presence in the present, you move beyond the illusion of time and unleash the power of life itself.

© Edel O’Mahony

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