Negative beliefs create an energetic charge in and around cells

The ego conditioning in society can be so engulfing, it perpetuates generations of misperceptions and false beliefs, that produce an energetic imprint at cellular level. Negative beliefs create an energetic charge in and around cells and DNA, a charge that if left unresolved creates blockages within the body’s energetic/electrical system and body functions cannot work properly. Words have been introduced and manipulated to maintain the fear based conditioning and these words meaning have no place in humanity’s conscious awakening.

When you join in your energetic communication on your internal journey of self inquiry, growth and awakening, the purity of awareness happens in knowing there is no blame, there is not guilt and there can be no failure in understanding you are here as an expression of experiences.

In this awareness, you move away from reacting to the conditioning of time based thoughts and move into becoming fully present in this infinite moment, in full self empowerment from the power of life itself. In this space, the deepest connection of all you are beyond the transitory form reveals your truth, that you have always been whole, complete, self sustaining and self perpetuating abundance. Your self realization then creates the reflection in your external experiences.

© Edel O’Mahony

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