What You Believe About Yourself is Creating Your Experiences

solitude by Voloshenko

What other people think about you does not matter. This is not selfishness, what matters is what you believe about yourself. It is your belief that sets off the signals to your cells, that through the frontal lobe, the thalamus, occipital and parietal lobes create the projected perception as external experiences. So you see, what others think has no impact on the creation of your experiences…unless you let it. When you allow yourself to try and fit to other people’s illusional opinions or conditions they create of you, not only are you altering your truth, you are living through the reflection in their place of belief in themselves. This will only add fuel to feed the ego as any person pressuring you to live a certain way, even with the classic ‘if you loved me you would’, is consumed by and addicted to the parasite of ego.

It also requires the strength of your vulnerability to recognize the reflection of your place of belief creating the experiences, the key in reading these reflections, is in being present in this infinite moment as the witness, the observer. You are, in every cell, atom, molecule, the instantaneous expression of pure love, you just forgot for a while. Now it is time to come home.

Everything exists within you to create the expression of your fullest vision of BEing, it requires the journey of self inquiry, of releasing the layers of false perceptions and self definitions in time based thoughts, to recognize the depth of love as you, by you; you are love, you are whole and complete. All it requires is your belief in YOU to begin transmuting the energetic expression.

© Edel O’Mahony

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