Self Power -I Am Creating All This, I Can Change It

In stepping back from the control of society’s fear based conditioning, to the understanding that you are creating every experience from your own internal belief environment. It is the trap and addiction of the artificial intelligence that is ego being fed and fuelled from this conditioning. Becoming aware allows this knowledge ‘If I am creating all this, I can change it’. Becoming aware as the witness and watcher of your thought mind without reacting to it, is the first steps to recovery and your truth.

Take full responsibility in allowing yourself the strength of your vulnerability to identify, recognize and accept your fear based beliefs are not real. They are focusing on a past that does not exist or anxious about the future, both of which only exists as electrical impulses that create your thought processes. Letting go of allowing the mind to take you down the paths of past and future, you begin the practice of dissolving the ego’s hold.

In self realization that all that is, happens in this infinite moment and the more you become present here, the more you open to the power of life itself. In being present the ego cannot survive and run its tricky little stories to keep you contained and controlled. You will never know the immense power inside of you, until you allow yourself to open into it.

© Edel O’Mahony

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