Consciously be Part of Your Energetic Communication

When you turn your focus within and begin to consciously be part of your energetic communication, the full awareness of the power of your interconnectedness opens up. Not allowing yourself to stay within the restrictions of the mind, to just surrender to deep internal inquiry opens the spacial dimension of all you are beyond form. The all knowing, all sensing 360 perception, connected with everything.

In letting go of the illusion of past and future thoughts keeping you in cycles of the false perception of suffering, your cellular frequency lifts. Your internal environment begins to transmute with the knowing of your innate wholeness and completeness, a deeper connection opens up, all obstacles of manmade limitations fall away, there is presence in the love you are. With the dissolving of ego there is the release in the need to lie and criticize, for any sarcasm or deception, which creates the energetic transmutation as reflection in your external world.

In this space is true internal peace and as individually we create peace within ourselves, we come back to the knowing and experiencing as the instantaneous expression of pure love, collectively we are creating global peace. This transmutable, energetic force forward flows in the cycle of consciousness, not through rallies, not through protest, through the power of our interconnected conscious creation.

© Edel O’Mahony

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