Full Conscious Contribution and Generosity, Given and Received is the Highest Truth


Social conditioning perpetuates the illusion of success and wealth being obtained through having money and quantified with material possessions. This is fundamentally to keep you reacting to your ego’s stories and your focus on the external environment. Humankind has built such an insidious artificial intelligence that is the ego entity running fear based conditioning in people, this will always go into ‘default’ and low self worth will stay as false perception.

In understanding that your beliefs through energetic transmutation become your external environment, you are therefore perpetuating the fear cycle. Once you become aware that creation begins from focus within, that everything transmutes as an energetic exchange, you are able to release yourself from letting the ego keeping you following thoughts of illusionary past and future.

Contribution and generosity is the highest truth, payment is due when service is rendered, whether this be time, knowledge, collaborations…it is not about money or what others can do for you, it is about forward flow. Full conscious contribution and generosity, given and received, energetically allows others to experience their own source of happiness as the instantaneous expression of pure love. This is what creates expansion, evolvement and the fullness of forward flow.

© Edel O’Mahony

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