Contribution and Generosity is Never About You


Contribution and generosity is never about you, it is always about forward flow in the cycle of consciousness. As you fulfil generosity and contribution, it is the reflection of your place of belief in yourself, your guide to being true to your highest truth and values. It is the letting go of the egoic mind acting only to get something in return, instead it is living as conscious awareness in the knowing of innate abundance that has no need for the expectation of return.

The addiction of ego creates energetic contraction as seen in material gain at the expense of others, people hiding behind government statues sanctioning human collateral damage for financial reward and the social conditioning of ‘what’s in it for me’. This evolved centuries of egoic business practices that were all about selling regardless of ethics or service to others.

To accept and receive is not selfish; it is the selfless act of allowing others to fulfil their contribution and generosity TO others. It is the act of accepting and receiving happiness and love from others, which allows them to experience their own source of happiness. Accepting and receiving allows full forward flow, it brings full circle the cycle of conscious creation.

© Edel O’Mahony

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