Law of Attraction is the Outcome – Abundance Starts with Belief

For all the information available on the Law of Attraction, you are led to believe that the law is the secret to manifesting abundance. In fact law of attraction is the outcome; the real secret comes with building the beliefs of your desires and this starts with building belief in yourself.
Many people begin to use the law of attraction as a means of bringing to them all they are lacking, when in fact it is the reason why they have been resonating lack that needs to be resolved.
This will have come from beliefs of low self esteem, lack of self worth or lack of confidence and it is absolutely vital that these are faced, resolved and cleared before the process of energetic communication begins, otherwise the attraction of lack continues.

Many of my clients, when they first come to me will ask ‘well, how do I begin to believe in myself?’ This takes small steps, especially if you have lived through most of your life not believing in your
self worth. Some of the tips I give are:

1. Move away from social conditioning.
Much of what is put out in the media is designed to create lack and fear. You see when you are in doubt and fear; it is far easier to control you. So there is a constant stream of pressures in what you are ‘supposed’ to look like, how you are supposed to act, even what conveyor belt of career you should be on. All of this is rubbish!
You are here to live life experiences, to create abundance, not live in a box or be herded around. You are here to live the expression of your energy, which is wild, unpredictable and full of passion. So the first step is to let go of watching TV, listening to Radio and stop reading newspapers. You then stop the buying into the conditioning and begin to consciously decide what you watch, listen to and read.
2. Spend time looking at where your beliefs come from.
So often you believe that you are unconfident, yet you never look at the cause of it. I get my clients to give themselves space and time to really find where this first began to show itself, more often than not, it comes from the other form of conditioning – generational conditioning. Of course those who suffered abuse know where it started but are often lost as to how to let go.
You see, learning to make your energetic communication is not a ‘quick fix’ it has to become a way of life.
3. Stop listening to what others say you should do.
As energy beings, we are here to live unique life experiences; we are not here to live for what other say we should do. In fact, if you allow others to dictate what you do, say or think; you are actually living their life experiences rather than the experiences you are here to create. By the very nature of someone telling you what to do, means they are in low frequency , control comes from lack and by ‘buying’ into what they say, you move yourself into lower frequency also.
You have everything inside you to make the right decisions, your energy is always there guiding you and once you begin your energetic communications, you begin your conversation with energy.

So you see, the Law of Attraction works from all the conditions and beliefs you have put in place, from what you resonate out. The real secret to creating abundance and having the Law of Attraction do its thing, is all the work done before in creating rock solid beliefs around your self worth , confidence and self esteem. Then you begin to create abundance naturally.

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