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‘ The decisions and actions we take in life are unconsciously overshadowed by our fears and emotional patterns. In a way, we are    held hostage without even realizing it. This was my reality in the early part of my life.’ – Edel O’Mahony


Personal trauma and numerous life challenges proved to be the greatest catalyst for incredible changes and evolution in my life; unleashing the true magnificence and energy within me.

Despite my patterned permission for others to control me, there was an inner strength and courage born, to not only keep going but to inspire and help others awaken the warrior within. From an early start of impoverished childhood, living with a mother and father who were anything but stable…to abusive, controlling relationships, ..I had to find my inner strength and voice to survive.
At a very pivotal point on my journey, ..I joined a Spiritualist church and realized how powerful my energy connection really was. Developing as a healer and medium, allowed me to realize that there was far more to understanding the power  of energy than what was being taught conventionally.

Confidence began to return, I lost weight and shrank from a size 20 to a size 12. For the first time I began to understand from this experience that the internal energy of belief is where our cells take their signal from. So more and more I began trusting and relying on my natural instincts.


Consequently, I found myself being contracted to work with various people who needed the exact expertise I had to offer from my personal growth and experience.

One such example was a distraught woman from South Africa who needed my help. Her world had been turned upside down by divorce. Assisting this lady in learning how to ground her energies and tap into her inner connection, the connection that is in all of us, showed me the first spark of my passion. Once back in England, around a month later an email came through from this lady thanking me for changing her world for the better. She had completely turned her life around; started on a new journey with her children and empowered herself in the process.

This began a great restless in me and my financial career, knowing that there were so many people out in the world that needed this kind of assistance that I had to offer. This also sparked my insatiable appetite for answers, which led to making the brave decision to retrain and leave finance, concentrating my efforts in building tools and techniques to empower others to understand how they can connect to their energy, understand their frequencies and create abundance in their lives.

In 18 months I had written 4 books, such as ’21 Steps to  Confidence’ ,  ‘7 Systems to Success’ and ‘Attracting Your Perfect Partner’. Created a full 6 module course on ‘The Science and Facts of Energetic Communications’.

I have written articles for numerous magazines including, Business Today, Spirit & Destiny and Choices Magazine.  Have hosted my own radio and web TV show and events and designed a meditation creation that has been hailed as ‘life changing’.
My work is ever growing and evolving. Some of the next projects include publishing more books, TV appearances, music albums,  my ‘Empowerment  Experience’ workshops in TV/film and music studios, international events, leading to creating sanctuaries in every city in the world.


“Through the many challenges and experiences I have faced, I have become stronger, wiser and fearless. It is my passion to share the life changing, learning, techniques and strategies that effectively changed my life and are now changing the
lives of my clients.”

With my new book, “Where Science and Magic Meet– The Step by Step Guide to Conscious Creation,” people all over the world can transform the way they believe, take back control of their lives and begin to powerfully create and attract their desires in the shortest time possible. It is my passion to leave people feeling connected, transformed, fearless and magnificent!”

You can contact Edel via email: info@edelomahony.com – or click here.

Live with passion and purpose!

Edel O’Mahony