“Three Super Teachers”
There’s really only three “Super Teachers” that I personally, truly trust and find effective with regard to The “Law of Attraction.” Those teachers/guides are
1) Abraham-Hicks,
2) Michael Beckwith, and
3) Edel O’Mahony.
Edel is somewhat new on the scene, and her reach is growing rapidly. It’s exploding in the UK, and I’m thrilled to say she has personally coached me….and I’m a terribly tough cookie! Edel is an expert at guiding people in using the Law of Attraction effectively. So many of us have used this powerful force to run our lives “off the road” –in a less-desirable direction. (I do it myself!) Bill Lae – LightForm Productions, Inc. California

“… Very Professional…”
“Edel is intelligent, articulate and professional in everything she does.” Sandra Levy , Student , Roosevelt Girls High

“… Raised My Energy And I Sold My House. Amazing…”
“Edel is amazing! I followed, step-by-step, Edel’s recommendations for raising the energy of my communication as I sought to sell my home. One day (one day!) after I successfully followed a key part of the process for the first time, it sold at the full asking price. And it was easy, and effortless!” Jay Kraker

“… World Class Expert…”
“Edel is a world class expert truly transforming the lives of many daily. Her knowledge, mind blowing and her positivist are infectious. Your world gets better when Edel’s in it!” Shazia Naq

“Edel Transformed My Life…”

Before I met Edel, I had left my old life behind. I had left the PR agency I worked with for years as it just was not right anymore, and I was working in law and freelancing for a charity on the side, no way did I ever imagine I could run my own agency- I had totally lost the confidence in myself –when I really shouldn’t have, when I look back I realise how good I was and am at my job. Edel helped me see that I was good enough and brave enough to start my own agency and helped me along the way to stay in a positive frequency, and I have never looked back. Edel gave me confidence to take up a dream, inspired me that I could do it when I was really lacking in self-esteem and now I have a successful business and everything else in my life is going smooth. I always tell Edel how much she means to me in my life, as she has totally transformed it and I would like to share that appreciation with you.

Once you are with Edel she stays with you through thick and thin, helping you when you most need it, and guiding you on the path to happiness. She has helped my business, helped my personal life, and even my relationship. I am forever thankful. Best regards, Jes

“…Propelled Me To Become Who I Desired”

As I finish my training to become a life coach, I would like to express my gratitude to Edel for not only being a great mentor but also a beautiful human being. It’s been her persistence and belief in my potential that has propelled me to becoming the person and coach I have always known myself to be. By sharing what she believes to be possible has give me my own faith and beliefs in what it it possible to create for my own life using the potential we all have inside. I’ve expanded my knowledge and my experiences with opportunities presenting themselves now in abundance. By changing my thoughts I have transformed my life and now see the future I have always dreamed of even in these current economic times. When you’re willing to be open to opportunities and not confined by your circumstances, opportunities knock and knock again.

Without a shadow of a doubt this is one beautiful lady I would recommend to transform your life to where you desire to be.  Nick Harris

Donald Stansfield
You are the absolute best….and I am so grateful for you and for this message. It makes so much sense….and I just need to keep reading it….and practice it….put it in motion.

Thank you Edel. I know I don’t know you very well…but I feel a very strong connection to you, like I do know you… the last two years of my life have been filled with tremendous change, pain AND also positive growth…I left a 14 year relationship….(not sure if I told you that) And I am still holding on to this person….and I also know that I will not be truly free to meet who I am supposed to meet…and keep expanding in all areas of my life until I completely let this person go….it is so hard to do….people….etc…becomes “habits.” And there are still very strong memories…nostalgia…and love….(all these things are in the past)….I don’t think the love dies….that is eternal…it changes….but Our thoughts and actions become habits….sometimes I just feel like this period is never going to end….but I know I have the power to go within and do a switch….your canoe analogy is fantastic…and your words of wisdom have comforted me greatly.

I enjoy communicating with you…I know you are very busy…and so I thank you again. It is a beautiful day here in sunny Florida….I hope this message finds you happy and enjoying your Sunday!

Thom Anderson
Edel, you are simply magnificent! I guess I needed an impartial soul to remind me I have made at least some progress. That felt very nice and got me up and doing things! Thinking about how my future would look with me in control is something (oddly!) I have not considered. Yes, I believe this is an excellent place to begin.. I so look forward to future interaction Love ~thom~ xoxoxo

Angus Cooper
Wow Edel… thank you so much.
But i am SOOOO great right now, and SOOOO thankful that i have beautiful, wonderful people like you that i can connect with. Your words have helped immensely. I think you are right. Operate from a basis of self love, and ultimately, you’re in the right direction!

Thank you so much Edel.

Thanks for the quick response I really appreciate it. Wonderful to connect with people of your calibre. This is an amazing and wonderful community of friends and interesting, inspiring and talented people! Keep making it a great day! Beautiful smile! Keep smiling. It makes my day!

Robert K Andersen – PhP, CEO
Thank you, I have, and at time, the physical things that hurt I try to let go of I breath, but they are my challenge, but you are soooo right, thank you for taking out you personal time out for me, you will see me again, and I already consider very close to my heart. And I congratulate YOU-and it is my honour.

Hi Edel, I see what you write every now and then I have to tell you that I really like reading your posts, because I can relate to them and also because I know you write them and they’re not just rehashed stuff like I see a lot these days 😉 So thank you!

Edel thank you this has made me smile, im now gonna put on great upbeat music and practice my hoops. im gonna try try try oh edel i cannot thank you enough xxx 🙂
yeyeyeyye xxx let you know how it goes

Hi Edel.
Since i became friends with you , i’ve made a point of looking at your updates when i’ve had down days and, whereas i still seem to be unsuccessful where the ‘positive thoughts bring positive results’ exercise is concerned, some of your status updates have helped me a lot to forget the bad crap happening in my life atm.

So i guess this is just a thank you for randomly appearing with positive updates when i need a bit of positivity.

Ciaran Robin Doyle YOU are so inspiational Edel, I listen to your posts every day, thank you for helping me and others be the people we were born to be!
Ken Bradley So true! That faith has been something I’ve been struggling with all my life, since I lived in a fairly negaive environment most of my life. I am glad that I met you here on Facebook….you’ve become my new muse! 🙂

Anjali Mahadevan you are so lovely and inspirational my darling:-) you’re angel to the this world:-)
Anecita Morgia
The more that i appreciate after viewing your photos. You are a strong woman and very confident, that is because you have more than 100% confidence. Todd Routt Thank you again, Edel… my humble gratitude to you!

Susan Kelleher
Wow! Very inspirational Edel – love reading your updates. Would love to learn more 🙂 x

Ciaran Robin Doyle
very true my lady, you always make me think, I like that!

Positive Actions
That is so wonderfully true in my heart and eyes! Blessings and light Mz. O’Mahony, it’s an honor my new friend! Suzanne Barnett

Edel – you are the queen – that is so true and a good reminder for me.

Samantha Nicholas
Thanks Edel, another brilliant motivational video. Fantastic
Lawrence Rush Scary, I’m feeling something else is going on… I’ve been grumpy at home this week, hating the JOB & been snappy. So then my computer started playing up, now there’s NO INTERNET ACCESS at home, can’t connect at all. This morn the car is playing up, and I’ve just had a speeding ticket come through. Think I need to have… a little chat with the wonderful Edel O’Mahony to ease me back on track.

Barnie Enslin Thanx for the chin up moments it helps allot with the personal coaching and all & all with my own doings it’s clearly working seeing as recently I got a decent place for me and my pets, I am not fighting with an old foe and between work and my own “stuff” I am doing excellent. I am managing to make stepping stones out …of stumbling block and yes yes I realised motivation is like a bath I have to do it every day. Thanks again
Jacqueline Watson

Nadia Pineault
Wow Edel..You are Amazing.. An Awesome way to feel dancing within this beautiful new day..;)) im flying outta bed..;) to the unfolding of beautiful surprises..Lets be Amazing creators today Edel and vibrate with a love so strong that only love will find us! 😉
thank u for such a powerful uplifting wink of love this morning…xXx
Sarah Pond Hi Edel, my frist tennis match today, and i lost my serve was 0-40 down….. looked up at the roof recited my tennis stuff and ended up winning the point 🙂 Thank you for your help x

Kevin Rose
Thank you Edel, I needed to hear what you have just said xxx

Jacqueline Watson
the things you say put my mind on the right course….thank you, my friend!
Sarah Pond Edel, you are so inspiring…. really can not wait to meet you soon. I know about law of attraction etc but never did anything about it… but you have inspired me to actually create book full of things im aspiring to 🙂

Chelsaiya Maria Jager ‎***** This lady is a fantastic Lady!!! ***** 🙂 thanks edel xx

Norddine Ait Said
Thanks Edel, your energy shines your beauty more 🙂

Mark Biery
Amen to that, & thank YOU for your inspiration.