Speaking Events Terms & Conditions


As workshops, presentations and keynotes are tailored uniquely for the client and their audience, please contact Edel O’Mahony initially via email to discuss a mutually agreeable collaboration.

When an agreeable collaboration is made, the following should be noted.

Payments & Deposits:

  1. Deposit 50% of Speaking Fee is required to confirm booking.
  2. The Client will be invoiced for the remaining fee and airfare one month prior to the engagement. Remittance for this amount is due and payable immediately and must be received by Edel O’Mahony prior to her departure for the engagement, for it to take place.
  3. A 10% discount will be applied to total amount if fee paid in full at time of booking.
  4. All fees are exclusive of local tax, which in UK will be VAT at 20%

Cancellation Policy:

  1. The client agrees that, in the event of cancellation of collaboration by the client for any reason, 100% of the fees relating to this booking will remain payable.
  2. If a collaboration date is cancelled and re-arranged for a later or earlier date, the cancellation charge outlined above will still apply in respect of the cancelled date and thus the deposit will be none refunded.

Travel & Accommodation

Travel and Accommodation Expenses will need to be additional to speaking fees, unless special arrangements have been agreed directly with Edel O’Mahony. Otherwise the following apply:

Client is responsible for all necessary hotel arrangements. PLEASE ARRANGE FOR ROOM, TAX AND MEALS TO BE DIRECT BILLED TO YOU OR YOUR ACCOUNT.

  1. For events booked within the UK, rail, air or sea travel and hotel accommodation booked where applicable as determined by Edel O’Mahony.
  2. For events throughout Europe and Worldwide Chargeable expenses will be: Roundtrip fully flexible business class travel with BA or Virgin Atlantic is preferred. Taxi transportation between airport and/or train station and venue/hotel covered if required. Hotels should be guaranteed for late arrival.
  3. UK car mileage is charged at 50pence/mile. Airfare is pro-rated for multiple clients.

Video and Audio Rights:

  1. No audio or video recorders may be used at any time without express prior written permission from Edel O’Mahony.
  2. Any recording of Edel’s presentation must be pre-approved by Edel O’Mahony Ltd.