Meditation Creation Experience

We are energy beings living life experiences, expressing through these physical bodies. As part of understanding how to recognise the frequencies of your body, it is important to understand how energy works in every area of your life.

Edel’s recommendations are based on over 30 years experience in energetic work, having personally worked with and applied what she guides in her own life and her clients. Having spent years researching all traditions and energetic practices, Edel has based her mediation experience on the most effective ways of letting energy flow, combined with raising the frequency of the body to help accelerate your wealth, success, happiness and love.

Edel has designed this meditation ‘creation’ experience to bring to you all the practical elements and processes required for you to understand your connection with your energy and consciously make your communication.

This programme is for you if:

  • You have a basic awareness of your energy and wish to learn more
  • You have tried meditation and desire to now get powerful results
  • You desire to keep your body in pure and natural health
  • You desire to learn how to eliminate mind chatter and ego completely
  • You desire to powerfully create your reality

In this experience you will:

  • Gain knowledge in deep breathing techniques – Many who hold a lack of confidence are in the habit of shallow breathing, by learning to breath properly oxygen is delivered to many more cells, which in turn helps restore the body to pure and natural health.
  • Gain knowledge in how to ground your energy – It is important to have your energy grounded daily, as this prevents others from taking or lowering your energy frequency.
  • Gain knowledge in the importance of the energy of colour and apply it – Learning to feel energy building around and within you is essential to make your energetic communications.
  • Gain knowledge in harmonic resonance techniques – Opening your chakras by creating powerful harmonic tones allows you to experience energy frequency first hand.
  • Gain knowledge in Edel’s unique EERT technique – EERT (Energetic Emotional Release Technique) is the technique of balancing the body’s energy system, like clearing a blockage; this technique unblocks stuck emotions in your energy stream and is one of the most efficient ways of letting go of ego and opening up the flow of your abundance.

Benefits you will receive from this experience:

  • Noticeable increase in your levels of energy
  • A full sense of grounding and confidence building
  • Improved health and vitality
  • A clear understanding of your body frequency
  • Release of emotional baggage that causes resistance to your abundance flowing
  • The processes and techniques to begin consciously creating your reality

The Path of the Peaceful Warrior – Meditation Creation Experience, is one of the most unique and powerful ‘action based’ mediations available, in releasing the illusion of trapped negative cellular energies, the results from this have been hailed as ‘life changing’.

If you are looking for a relaxing meditation to just feel good – this is not for you.

If you are looking to taking the necessary actions that will initiate raising your frequency and allowing your abundance to flow – this is the experience for you.
The meditation experience is available in CD/MP3 format and the accompanying workbook as Print/PDF format.


Meditation Experience MP3 & PDF  £25.97 

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N.B – This meditation is designed to become a way of life, not a ‘quick fix’.  It is strongly advised that you be prepared to commit at least 90 days using it, to create the space of awareness and stop the ‘default’ sub conscious fear based conditioning.