Law of Attraction – The Myth

Law of Attraction – The Myth







My work is to bring truth, knowledge and awareness, to allow every individual to wake up and remember what they are and why they chose to be here.
To this end, let me dispel the myth that so many have perpetuated around the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction is by it’s very nature perpetuating the belief of lack
So many hold the misconception of a ‘force outside of themselves’ guiding their life and many have succumbed to the illusion that mainstream spirituality propagates, that the ‘Universe’ will attract to you what you desire, which reflects the belief ‘you do not have’. No matter what is your belief in yourself, you will reflect through the transmutation of energy as experiences and opportunities.
If you resonate from the lower densities , this will be mirrored in your external experiences, if you resonate from the lighter densities, this will be mirrored in your external experiences. So what’s the difference in the low and high densities?

Let me explain:

The external world and the acquisition of material gain bringing, success, happiness and peace, has been the illusion birthed by the artificial intelligence of the egoic entity, to maintain endless cycles of suffering and fuel to feed itself.

Humans created this entity over millennia as they forgot their innate intuition and knowing and turned all focus externally. The power of life is not in the external projected environment, this is merely a reflection of mankind’s placeof belief in themselves and their false perception of separation so clearly seen in war, destruction and violence against their own kind.

Every cell communicates with each other, in you, in your environment, with everything and everyone as it is all energy and energetic transmutation.

The ego can only survive in time based thoughts of past and future that create either fear or anxiety which naturally move your cells into lower density.

To be resonating in low density (some will call it low frequency) you will know by where your emotions are.

Resonating densities correlate directly with your emotional scale:
Low density = Frustration, anger, jealousy, fear, stress, anxiety…ILLNESS.
Light density = Expectation, creativity, appreciation, confidence, joy, serenity, love…PURE AND NATURAL HEALTH.

Whatever emotional state you choose to be in, will automatically reflect your energetic resonance and will mirror this in your external experiences. In fact turn it the other way –
Your external world is a direct reflection of how you see yourself inside

So there is no law of attraction, it is a natural outcome, in response and reflection to  your place of reacting in time based thought or as the watcher, witness and observer in present moment awareness.


Oh yeah, let’s get that myth out of the way too!

Your thoughts do NOT create things!

It has been scientifically proven, that your cells take their signal from your beliefs. Your thoughts are a by product of belief, created in the electrical firing of the signals taken from your cells, creating new neural networks building in the brain. This is why a person could have a vision around becoming successful or having that increased income to buy a house or car, yet if their belief  thoughts are ‘I’m never going to be good enough’ or ‘ The good things always happen for other people’, this is what the energetically transmuted reflection in their external environment will be.

Over millennia of mankind’s greed and ‘having’ they have forgotten ‘being’ and most thoughts in a person’s mind are generated from the artificial intelligence entity of the ego. Time based thought will only keep you in endless cycles of suffering, present moment awareness is the power of life itself.

To begin consciously create your life experiences, requires the correct processes. This means having the strength and courage to practice present moment awareness. To become the watcher, witness and observer to the thought mind, to illuminate the stories it tries to run in you to feed itself.

So, let me ask you…

Does everything remain the same?
Do you find yourself in similar, dead end situations again and again?
Do you feel Isolated and alone?
Desire your life partner?
Desire for an abundance of wealth?
Do you desire better health and well being?

What I can do for you:

  • Help you define exactly who you are
  • Work with you to guide your practice of present awareness
  • Show you how to implement powerful strategies to rapidly create:
    • Wealth
    • Success
    • Love
    • Well being
  • Guide you through tools and techniques that will change your beliefs to change your life
  • Show you how to become the creator of your reality and make massive, positive changes in your life.

Through my A Course in Energetic Communications and my very powerful Meditation Creation Experience, I have, through personal experience and evolvement put into place the step by step processes required to move you into the peace and freedom of your truth.


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Live with passion and purpose!

Edel O’Mahony

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