Energetic Communications

What is Energetic Communication?

When you speak of energetic communications what do you mean?

How do I recognise this communication?

Why have I not heard of it before?

Can anyone create energetic communications?

These are just some of the questions I am being asked by my new clients and those aware of the desire to transform their lives, though not sure how to do this. Let me clarify the process for you and as you move around my website, it will become more and more evident. My Path of the Peaceful Warrior programme is a step by step guide to reconnecting and beginning your energetic communications, my books and other products are the aids to helping you find your passion and purpose in those desires you have hidden for so long.

When you speak of energetic communications what do you mean?

So much emphasise over the centuries has been put on material gain, whether it be wealth, possessions or prestige and the social processes to obtain these are actually all based on lack and control. It has caused people to live in reaction to situations, which then builds low self esteem and a lack of self confidence. This is how social conditioning works and how it moves into generational conditioning, as generation after generation relay the conditioning and build a false belief system.

So let’s step away from the social conditioning and really look at how our experiences should work. Through the advancement in scientific technology and investigation it has now been proved beyond doubt that we exist in an energetic Universe. That is, all existence in the physical Universe is coming from energy vibrating at different frequencies, it is not just evidenced in turning on your light switch or TV; there are frequencies also at play throughout your physical body continuously.

We have seen since the 1930s much exploration and discovery into the nature of our cells and genes and the greatest proponent in present day is the cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton, who has proved definitively that our cells react to our beliefs and not our environment as was believed for centuries.

This is where your energetic communication comes in. In moving away from the idea you make yourself known and heard through words, action or reaction to situations and environment, you begin to remember that first and foremost you are energy and energy does not hear words it feels vibration, so in order to ‘tap into’ this abundance source, you have to learn the language of energy.

This is achieved by consciously creating the thoughts going through your mind and more importantly identifying how you feel.

How do I recognise this communication?

Your cells react to your belief system; they take the signal and transmit it through your nervous system as electrical impulses (energy) this resonates out as vibrational frequency. You will be aware of how energy is working with you by how you feel and as you learn to read your energy (it is in fact reconnecting with your natural essence, as we are all energy) you will always be aware if people or situations are right for you.

Some will call this intuition or ‘gut feeling’ this is in fact our energy communicating with us. In experiences, situations or encounters with individuals, the indication of whether they are right for you is in whether they make you feel good (as in anticipation, excitement, happiness) or feel bad (as in uncomfortable, anxious, stressed).

When you feel uncomfortable this is an indication the energy of the experience or situation is coming from a lower vibratory resonance then your energy, by staying with the experience or situation will cause your resonance to lower; as your perception will be altered and then your belief.

When you feel excitement or happiness this is an indication the energy of the experience or situation is coming from a high vibratory resonance and so is in alignment with your energy, by staying with the experience or situation will cause your resonance to rise and so help expand the feeling of happiness and abundance.

Why have I not heard of it before?

You have!

All through your life energy is communicating with you constantly, through your instinct and intuition; you however have become disconnected from that communication through constant social or generational conditioning holding you in lack, doubt and low self esteem. Path of the Peaceful Warrior is the means to reconnect and begin your energetic communication once more.

Social conditioning tried for so long to label information on your energetic communications as ‘fluff’ or ‘woo woo’ coming form its own place of lack and desire to control the thinking and actions of others. Science has caught up and has now verified all the conditions that were talked about by such luminaries as Socrates, Plato, Buddha and the Dalai Lamas. You are an energy being first and foremost and the sooner you understand the way energy communicates the sooner you make it clear what your desires are and allow energy to do its thing by transmuting to bring those desires, easily and effortlessly to you.

Can anyone create energetic communications?


You need to remember that you are the same energy that made this physical Universe and every component within it. Each and every person, animal, plant, metal, plastic, crystal or drop of water is the same energy, is connected to everything and everyone.

It is when you start to listen from within and let go of the social conditioning that you pick up and reconnect with the energy you are. When you learn to define who you are, love who you are that your perception changes as does your beliefs, these are then the signals your cells pick up and transmit, resulting in your physiology moving into a higher vibrational resonance.

Path of the Peaceful Warrior was developed through years of challenges, experiences and observations. It is the most comprehensive guide to making your energetic communications and becoming a powerful conscious creator. It was created in pure unconditional love and abundance, to assist you on your Path of the Peaceful Warrior.