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Bringing Back a Thriving Planet

At age 14, Foster Gamble had a vision where he glimpsed what he perceived to be the Universe’s fundamental energy pattern. He spent the next 35 years trying to figure out the details and implications of what he had seen. That quest took two paths: a scientific journey and an exploration of the human potential […]


The New Face of Quantum Physics

Nassim Haramein was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1962. As early as 9 years old, Nassim was already developing the basis for a unified hyperdimensional theory of matter and energy, which he eventually called the “Holofractographic Universe.” Haramein has spent most of his life researching the fundamental geometry of hyperspace, studying a variety of fields from […]


Confidence to Start Your Own Business for Young People

By growing your confidence and self worth you are resonating high frequency and this will attract high frequency experiences to you. All success, wealth and abundance come from high frequency, so there is a very real reason why it is important to stay positive.

Stress is what leads you to illness

Stress is what leads you to illness

Yet there is a solution to stopping stress. It comes with knowledge of understanding the body frequencies and how ‘conditioning’ plays a huge role in making people believe they are in stress.