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faster then light

Is Energy Finally leading Science?

The trip would take a beam of light 2.4 milliseconds to complete, but after running the experiment for three years and timing the arrival of 15,000 neutrinos, the scientists discovered that the particles arrived at Gran Sasso sixty billionths of a second earlier, with an error margin of plus or minus 10 billionths of a second.

in love

Fear Will Always Stop Your Abundance

In physics, action = a change in a system and this applies to the human body also. For the conditions of your life to change, you must apply action to make it happen.


Dolphin Energy Healing

It is common knowledge that dolphins’ primary mode of communication is sound. Their sonar contains vast amounts of information integral to their communication, however the exact nature of the information communicated is not as yet fully known.

Those who feel isolated…

Those who feel isolated…

In connecting to your energy ‘essence’ you begin your energetic communications and energy is just chomping at the bit to talk to you! I