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Shattering the Grandest Illusions

For too long, we have let unquestioned beliefs and cultural dogma decide how we live our lives. We have turned a blind eye to unknown hidden forces and allowed them to determine our destiny.


Confidence to Start Your Own Business for Young People

By growing your confidence and self worth you are resonating high frequency and this will attract high frequency experiences to you. All success, wealth and abundance come from high frequency, so there is a very real reason why it is important to stay positive.

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Confidence to start your own business for older people

However all the excitement and enthusiasm in getting started, can seriously diminish over the following weeks and months with low or nonexistent income. Starting your own business is time consuming and can often be isolating unless you develop your confidence.

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The Changing Face of Business

But hang on a minute? This is when we were made to believe the so called ‘recession’ was taking hold. Not only is this culture of super-rich expanding rapidly, it is embracing an entirely new global breed of wealth holder.