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If you think you're alone …look around

For those who feel alone, in desolation, thinking there is noone caring about them, let me tell you now…you are wrong. There are people desperate to reach out for companionship, friendship. Those just waiting for a smile, open arms to hug them…a reassuring ‘I’m here’ Stop looking at the ground…look up! Start to really see […]

Be conscious of who you attract around you.

Be conscious of who you attract around you. If there are people in your experience who let you down, are dishonest with you or who make you feel bad, it is because you have attracted them by keeping the negative values in your thought process. When ever you allow yourself to let your mind linger […]

Get into feeling good every day.

Get into feeling good every day. Everything you desire is drawn like a magnet to you when you feel good. By allowing yourself to feel love, joy and abundance, you are steadily and consistently raising your energy vibration. There is nothing you cannot be, do or have from this vibrational position. It brings you into […]

Enjoy Your Life Experience

If you’ve put the thought out there, really felt like you have the thing you desire but it still isn’t coming to you, could be you’re trying to hard! Although you need to get a dominant thought in your mind, it isn’t about keeping it there and going over and over it. You don’t need […]

Feeling Alone

If you feel alone, know you have created the experience. You may indignantly be saying ‘No, I didn’t!’ but the fact is you have. This world we live in is governed by Universal laws and one of these is ‘What is like unto itself is drawn’ While you allow your dominant thoughts to be around […]