A Course in Energetic Communications

What does a truly abundant life mean to you? 

Is it to have all the success in your financial and personal life?

Is it creating that secure, loving relationship?

How would you feel transforming your image, energy and passion for life?

What would experiencing life in your control, as you create it feel like?


Now ask yourself… ‘Is this the life I’m living today?’
When you take responsibility to take back control of your life experiences, this has to be a full, holistic approach which requires the internal work to be done as priority, with corresponding attention given to the existing external environment. One cannot be effective, without the other‘  ~ Edel O’Mahony,

And Edel created her course as an entry level to beginning your energetic journey.


Why? Because it is based on Edel’s life experiences and what she used to move from a life of abuse to becoming a Spiritual Scientist bringing ‘Where science and magic meet‘.


From single parent of 4 children to Spiritual Scientist


From working as a corporate accountant to working with Hollywood film producers, platinum selling singer/songwriter, TV and Film special effects producer and rock legend guitarist in less than eighteen months.



Through a lifetime of asking ‘why’, Edel O’Mahony finally understood – Where Science and Magic meet


A Course in Energetic Communications is a step by step guide course based wholly on practical application by Edel. Guiding through the specific practices, mind set and physiological processes required to consciously create your reality.

  • Have you lived with knowing you were here to do something vital with your life, not knowing where to start?
  • Are you going round in circles with bad things constantly happening, not knowing how to get off the wheel?
  • Have you ever felt there must be more to your life?
  • Has it come to the point of saying ‘I give up?’
  • Do you desire to tap into your power house of energy and really understand how to create your abundance?

If so, then Edel’s A Course in Energetic Communications is here to guide you, whether you have never consciously used your latent energy before or whether you are on the evolving journey.

In 6 thorough modules you will be taken through :

  • The history of wisdom
  • The history of energy
  • The scientific facts behind all spiritual, magical and energetic practices
  • The specific scientifically verified processes and ACTIONS required to consciously create

This course is run over 6 months where you receive 1 module a month to really digest and implement in your life.

Set out in  7 part modules, with exercises after every chapter for you to begin taking action with immediately, A Course in Energetic Communications is the definitive guide to powerful conscious creating.


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The Path of the Peaceful Warrior Course is also available as part of Edel’s full holistic consultation services – Energetic Lifestyle Critique Full Consultation Package.

You can also experience elements of the course in Edel’s Empowerment Experience 2 day workshop.




Path of the Peaceful Warrior