Fear is energetic contraction, love is energetic expansion

The basis to all experiences is love, even in the most challenging of experiences it is there helping you grow and awaken. You are the essence of pure love, not you as perceived in the body form, the magnitude of you as the awareness itself. Your innate essence is timeless, limitless, self sustaining, self perpetuating abundance. It is only through societies deluded fear based ego conditioning that people are conditioned from this remembrance.

Fear is energetic contraction and control. Love is energetic expansion and opening to higher frequencies. Ego can only survive and feed in recycling time based illusion through thoughts of past and future. These are electrical impulses all created in the mind, creating transitory, illusionary projections. Time is a man made concept, it does not exist and when you let go of the misperception, let go of time, the ego cannot survive.

What is life, what is alive is everything you are beyond the sum of the body, the awareness itself, the space in which everything exists. This is the instantaneous expression of this infinite moment. Congruence with your innate highest truth comes in surrendering to the knowing of the love for you, by you, through you. In the allowing of full presence in this space of now, transmutes as reflection in your external experiences.

© Edel O’Mahony

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