Your Happiness and Abundance – it Only Matters What You Believe

In the creation of your happiness and abundance, it does not matter what others say, do or believe, it only matters what you believe. Always what others communicate will be the reflection of their own place of belief in themselves. To submit to other’s expectations will not only feed and fuel their ego, it will feed and fuel yours too as in its addiction you give it triggers within you to use.

This is not selfishness, a term used to falsely conditioned people into subservience and fear, as in fear they can be controlled. This is selflessness as your life is a n expression of experiences unique to you, created by you through the power of your beliefs. For every individual, their reality and the experiences in it are shaped, moulded and energetically transmuted through the beliefs they hold about themselves. This is a scientific fact. Through epigenetics and nueroplasticity , you rewire your brain through repeated focus of your beliefs, whether positive of negative. You not only change the messages to your cells, you also change your DNA.

When you can turn your focus within and give full permission to honour and love the magnificent expression you came here to be, you awaken as conscious awareness – innately the force that is love. Here is the understanding there is no blame, no guilt, no failure and this in turn produces innate happiness and abundance within you, in the rise of cellular frequency and reflects in your external environment and those connecting to you.

© Edel O’Mahony

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