Your Intuition Always Guides to Your Highest Truth

In recognizing the energetic communication you are constantly part of, also allows you to become the observer of the guidance it shows. The most powerful aspect that begins this is to trust your intuition. This is the bridge of communication from you as formless conscious awareness to you as the physically perceived entity. Intuition is an energetic force emanating beyond the physical form.

Your intuition will always guide you to your highest truth, through assisting you express from your highest values. Recognizing your intuition’s energetic communication comes through observing how you feel in each and every experience. Energy does not hear words; energy feels in frequency and this is why words become powerful through ‘intent’ in the energetic emotion and self perception behind the words. Your emotions guide you to recognize moving into lower frequencies in fear, anxiety or anger and moving into higher frequencies through love, honour, honesty and integrity.

In trusting how you feel begins the release of the artificial intelligence of ego’s addiction, which will always look to survive in lower frequency of time based thoughts. In becoming the observer to your emotions brings the internal journey of self inquiry and presence awareness. Here as the witness you remember all you are beyond the sum of the body, in full presence in this infinite moment you experience yourself as the power of life itself.

© Edel O’Mahony

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