Your Guide in Verbal Conversations and Non Verbal Mind Chatter

Words have power. An energetic intent that comes from your belief in yourself flows through them. This will always be your guide in any verbal conversations and non verbal mind chatter. It is the power of your vulnerability that allows you to recognize any illusional negative beliefs which are the triggers for the ego’s fuel. Old conditioning and habits are created by imprinting on your cells as negative emotional charges, showing up as ego’s false perceptions of worthlessness, being invisible or helpless.

The recognition of these and a deep internal inquiry allows you to move past the impermanent self definitions and labels and come to self realization that nothing has ever been missing in you, nothing has ever been broken, the awareness you are has always been whole and complete. Only you can feel this expression, it is the unique aspect in everyone’s collective evolvement. Presence awareness naturally restores the cells to higher frequency and health.

In becoming present in this infinite moment is the self realization as the watcher, the observer, the awareness itself, you begin to dissolve the ego as an artificial intelligence, to recover from its addiction. When you recognize you are no-thing, no-body, you become mind-empty and fully present, the power of this presence reflects in the intent through your words, changes your projected perception in the external environment you create and empowers your conscious creation.

© Edel O’Mahony

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