The Unfathomable Power of Contribution and Generosity

Never underestimate the unfathomable power of contribution and generosity brought forth from a space of internal peace and balance. The full forward flow of conscious contribution and generosity can only happen when the ‘I’ thought is removed. When action is taken without the egoic addiction of seeking reward, recognition or praise a formidable energetic force is set in motion.

Infinite opportunities open up in conscious communication and collaborations and remaining open and fully present allows transmutation of a whole new expression of experiences. This place of natural abundance opens when all external seeking ends. When in letting go of false labels and definitions, there is a surrender to your truth, that space of BEing no-body, no-thing. It is here you recognise the infinite, timeless, all sensing, all knowing conscious awareness you are.

Don’t get stuck in an ‘idea’ of what your path is, this is just the artificial intelligence of ego trying to keep you in anxiety. It takes strength and courage to drop all time markers and allow your space of presence to just BE. Deeply feel your intuition and trust the guidance, it will remove all illusionary limits and allow your creativity to soar.

© Edel O’Mahony

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