There are Signs and Signals for Your Observation and Reflection

There are signs and signals for your observation and reflection happening continuously. Humankind created the illusion of time and with this the fracture within the thought mind birthing the artificial intelligence of ego. Ego can only exist in time based thoughts, it finds its triggers through fear and depression in thoughts of the past or anxiety in thoughts of the future. All are illusion. Time base thoughts are electrical impulses in the mind, creating a projected perception. The fear conditioning that comes from being addicted to the ego, buries your ability to be aware natural energetic communication.

In every experience you are seeing the physical reflection of your place and power of belief. In every interaction with another person, you witness through them the reflection of their and your place of belief. In your physical body, a mass of cells, atoms and molecules innately in high frequency and natural health, reveal the physical meaning of the ego’s control of your beliefs, signalled within the body through the lowering cellular frequency, compromising the immune system and creating ill health or dis-ease.

All are in their energetic communication with you, guiding you. It is your choice to move from the illusion created by the mind, its stories and self definitions and recognize these signs and guidance for what they are. This comes in stopping reacting and starting your observation, reflection and surrender to full presence awareness. It is here the power of life, that power beyond birth and death, opens up in you, through you, as YOU.

© Edel O’Mahony

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