The Energetic Power of 3

The energetic power of 3 is witnessed in all aspects of your life expression. It is a divine triumvirate pattern as seen in spiritual as mind, body, spirit, in science as energy, matter, ether. In medical psychology as conscious, sub conscious, super conscious, in religious context as a holy trinity.

There is an energetic triumvirate in every aspect of your experiences. It is witnessed within your highest truth in honour, honesty and integrity. It is expressed as belief through word, deed and action. This providing the experience of observation, reflection and internal inquiry.

The most powerful triumvirate is: knowing, experiencing, awareness. An instantaneous energetic transmutation of your consciousness expressing. When you consciously harness this triumvirate power in presence awareness, this becomes – believe it is possible – trust in the transmutation– allow. It is in the power of presence, where no labels are attached to the experiencing, where the experiencing is as it is without need for reaction, that opens in truth, knowledge, awareness. The power of 3 then sets the truth of you free.

© Edel O’Mahony

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