The Power of Your Vulnerability

Every aspect that shows up in your life is the reflection and transmutation of your place of belief. What can also be witnessed with the people interacting with you, is their own place of belief in themselves, expressed through their words, actions and deeds. It takes the strength of your vulnerability to allow observance of this as your guide, rather than allow the ego to find fuel through creating reaction in you.

It is also allowing you to witness your own evolvement. To be trapped within the ego’s illusionary time based thoughts of past and future, will transmute repeated cycles of the same types of experiences that perpetuate false perceptions of suffering. If you are observing those who do not honour or respect you or your values, they are not only reflecting the lack of respect they have for themselves, they are reflecting where you are not honouring or respecting your own truth.

In using the power of your vulnerability and the practice of presence awareness, that allows you to observe if you are running thoughts of the past or the future, or if you are the watcher to this infinite moment without giving it stories and labels. Fully present in the experience, allowing ‘it is as it is’. In using each and every aspect showing up in your experiences as your guide to grow and evolve, comes the realization, there is no blame, there is no guilt, there is only the experiential expression of life.

© Edel O’Mahony

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