You Create Your Experiences

The greatest of experiences comes through strength and courage, when you push through the illusion of fear so insidiously created and manipulated by the ego’s societal conditioning, to keep you contained and controlled. When you choose to turn from the scaremongering of mainstream media, to walk away from mainstream news and instead experience your deep internal inquiry. That which is the power and presence of nature is also your raw power. That constant force is not a part of you, it is you and connected to everything. Surrendering into the openness of mindemptyness, connecting once again to the immense energetic force you are, create expansion, expression, passion and BEing.

The artificial intelligence that is ego conditioning, has created a default sub conscious fear base in people, through indoctrination not education, through a health industry not a health service, through propaganda not truth, knowledge and awareness. You alone have the power to change it all. You create your experiences, you always have the choice.

You have the ability, through presence awareness in this infinite moment to change your beliefs, to rewire your brain, to create new neural networks that exist through love based expression, creating the energetic transmutation, in reflection, as your external environment. To let go of the illusion of time, to let go of material acquiring, which are all triggers the ego uses to find fuel to feed itself. Having the strength and courage to change, lifts the veil of illusion and allows you to dissolve the ego’s control and open into living your truth.

© Edel O’Mahony

Untangling the Myth – Where Science and Spirituality Meet has all the processes in place to allow you to do this.

Edel O’Mahony Media provides monthly online video and audio issues to assist with your internal journey of enquiry and moving to a stress free life.

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