Become the Watcher and the Witness to the Control of the Ego

Energy does not hear words, energy feels in frequency. Presence awareness is the expression of positive energy. You can have a thousand thoughts of changing your life from where it is, of having a wealthy life, to no effect , as this is the artificial intelligence of ego creating the addiction to external material acquiring. This constant time based illusion perpetuates never ending cycles of frustration, anxiety and suffering. All thoughts are merely energetic signals, they are transitory and fleeting. To open back into your natural state of peace and abundance merely requires your focus on what is constant. Not the material world, not the body, not in any kind of object. Your constant is beyond all this, the endless, timeless, all knowing, all sensing conscious awareness you are. This never changes.

If your beliefs are still held in past or future thought, you create cycles of false self definitions and perceptions. If you haven’t embraced the strength of your vulnerability to become the watcher, the witness to the control of the ego, your cells continue to take their signal from the illusional beliefs and create the projected perception,reflected as your external environment in experiences.

The frequency of your cells is indicated through emotions; negative emotions indicate low frequency and are the result of time based thought and belief. Positive emotions indicate higher frequency, the result of being present in this infinite moment. Abundance naturally flows in lighter density and higher frequency creating expansion. Consciously join in your energetic communication, pay attention to how you feel. Become the observer, the witness, the watcher in every situation and experience to the reflection of your place of belief. As you become present, you dissolve all obstacles to the flow of the power of life itself that you are and the energetic power transmutes this reflection in your external world.

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