Everyone is Creating Their Own Alchemy Magic

For all the false illusion and misperception the ego of societies tries to blind people with, they cannot change the fact that everyone is creating their own alchemy magic in this infinite moment, albeit unconsciously. It is the energetic transmutation of your perception of beliefs energetically transmuting as reflections through experiences and opportunities. The spell you weave through the energetic intent of your words born from your place of belief in yourself. The potion, the energetic signals from your cells, sub atomic particles and DNA, communicated through the energy flow of biophotons, produces the energetic transmutation. Every experience you have is of your creating.

You are responsible for this magic, the natural, powerful epigenetic processes that happen instantaneously. Allowing the time based mind to lead you through the stories you tell yourself from thoughts of past or future, which are all illusion of the artificial intelligence that is ego. You become lost in them, they become your belief perception and epigenetics takes care of the rest.

Your expression as conscious intelligence is to experience what you already know conceptually. The power of presence awareness is the space of mind emptiness, the self realization you are no-body, beyond the sum of the body. This space is the power of life, whole and complete. You are this power, you are the force that is love and when you embrace your infinite energy as conscious awareness, you begin to experience the fullness of BEing.

© Edel O’Mahony

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