Love is Energetic Expansion, Fear is Energetic Contraction

Love is energetic expansion, fear is energetic contraction, both are always created and present in the journey of form, as you cannot know one without experiencing the other. This is all part of your experiential life expression. Love is an energetic force beyond form, the extension of conscious awareness that is your truth.

In your interactions you can observe those who choose to live from recognizing the love within them, witnessed in honour, honesty and integrity in how they conduct themselves, in consciously living contribution and generosity to others. Those who live without recognizing the love within them, are still run and addicted to the egoic time based mind, whose instinct is to survive and can be witnessed in their need to exaggerate, fabricate, restrict in their need to control others, to quantify their own existence.

Everything is experience, there is no blame, no guilt, what there is, is choice. There is the choice to live by the mind and its stories which create the continued illusional perception of suffering in a perpetuating cycle. There is the choice to let go of the stories and to recognize that the mind does not have control over you, as you are not the sum of the body and to observe the reflection in each experience, being present in this infinite moment, surrendering to it is as it is. This supports the growth of presence awareness in creating balance and internal peace. The choice is up to you.

© Edel O’Mahony

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