Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse Does not Require Argument, Altercation or Conflict

Experiencing other people pressuring you to act or think their way, is reflecting that person not honouring their worth and value, controlling others is how they justify their existence from being consumed by and addicted to the artificial intelligence that is ego. To recover from this addiction does not require argument, altercation or conflict. It requires observation and reflection.

For you to be experiencing this, it is also reflecting your place of belief in yourself in which you are not honouring your worth, the triggers the ego feeds and fuels on. Your beliefs created the projected perception and transmute into reflective experiences. Once you open awareness by turning your focus within, in the self realization of allowing the thought mind to run the time based stories of false perceptions and definitions, you have already begun to dissolve the obstacles by becoming the witness to them. The recognition allows you to become the watcher of the thought mind, not its servant; you hold all the power in presence awareness.

Only you can do this, only you can make the decision to let go of the addiction of time based thoughts, to bring yourself fully present and change the false beliefs you allow yourself to hold on to and only YOU can create your new reflection in this infinite moment. As with any addiction, it does take strength and courage to let go of what has been embedded and instilled through your life. The more present you remain, the weaker the ego gets, the more your internal peace rises. In this space opens the essence of your innate knowing, that is not tied to form and remaining in this space you are the full force of life itself.

© Edel O’Mahony

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