Past and Future – Electrical Impulses Creating Illusionary Projections

Any illusionary memory that invokes a negative emotional response such as sadness, pain, fear, helplessness, being invisible, is the artificial intelligence of ego finding fuel in you to feed on. Past and future are not real, they are electrical impulses creating transitory, illusionary projections and the food for the parasite that is ego to survive and live through you. This also is the truth for anxiety over false perceptions of the future, which do not exist. Only humankind has created time, all else in this projected world is fully present in the now.

In presence awareness comes the self realization and recognition, you are not the sum of the body, you have never been invisible and helpless, that you have always been whole and complete. In releasing the ego’s hold, through letting go of time based thoughts, here is the self realization that you are love itself and by honouring the love for yourself opens the deeper knowing as conscious awareness that guides you back to your truth.

When false perception is released and you become fully present in experiencing this infinite moment the transmutation of energy naturally creates the reflection as external experiences and opportunities. When you honour you, when recognizing the wholeness of you, your external environment will do the same, you become honoured and visible in every communication and opportunity you create.

© Edel O’Mahony

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