Energetic Transmutation into External Experiences – the Reflection of Your Beliefs

You are designing your life experiences in this infinite moment through the power of your beliefs. Your cells are acting from these energetic signals and creating the corresponding energetic frequency. This creates energetic transmutation into external experiences as the reflection of your beliefs.

Over millennia has evolved the artificial intelligence entity of ego creating an insidious fear based illusion that becomes the default sub conscious conditioning in people, which societies sustain, as in fear they know people can be easily manipulated and controlled. This is not your reason for expressing in this life, you chose to come here for the experiencing which only you can create.

To recover from the addiction of your egoic time based thought mind, requires you to remember what is already known by all you are beyond form and dissolve the obstacle in your mind through full presence awareness. Love is an energetic force, where birth and death are products of form, life is immortal beyond form. Understanding this innate knowing, allows the love based innate state you are to express through the power of life itself and becomes the recognition you are love, always whole and complete, beyond all false self definitions and labels. There is a power within you so vast and your belief in it is the key to your freedom.

© Edel O’Mahony

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