Through Love Your Power is in Your Vulnerability

To not allow yourself to express love in the misperception you will be hurt again, is to deny your very expansion in happiness, internal peace and your highest truth. You are here as an expression of Self, the conscious awareness beyond all form, time and space, to experience, to feel every aspect and facet of what you already know, to live the magnificence of BEing.

Every experience is the instantaneous expression of pure love and YOU are creating every one for the experiencing. Each experience a reflection of your place of belief. When you can observe this, you begin to understand that even in negative experiences, is your place of self reflection and growth. Through love your power is in your vulnerability, as here you will recognize the artificial intelligence as ego’s fear based conditioning of self defining and false perceptions in time based thoughts you still hold. It is through your vulnerability that ego is faced and brought into the power of presence, where it cannot survive.

When you open presence awareness as the watcher and witness to your thought mind, you have the power to dissolve the ego. In this space you are witness to the illusional triggers the ego still finds in you to use as fuel to feed on. The love for YOU is your greatest ally; it is the expression of your greatest power and all change comes forth from this. The force that is love expands contribution and generosity to others, it awakens the selfless nature of awareness, where there is no requirement for recognition or fame in contribution to others. In this space the ego dissolves and can no longer exists.

© Edel O’Mahony

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