An Illusionary Being Watching an Illusionary World

It is not about trusting your thoughts, it is about trusting how you feel. Your thoughts are the brains processing function; over millennia this has evolved a fracture creating the artificial intelligence of ego through illusional time based thoughts. The egoic social conditioning is now prominent in populations. When your beliefs are still running from the time based stories of false perceptions you are without, this is perpetuating the illusion of self defining limitation to being the sum of the body.

You are an innate energetic force, everything is energy. Energy does not hear words, energy feels in frequency. It is the energy frequency of your intuition, your bridge between the awareness you are, beyond the physical form, to you as a physical projection of a human entity that creates external experiences that are the reflection of the internal belief. In truth an illusionary being watching an illusionary world*. Only when there is surrender to turning within and remaining as the Self do you experience consciousness that is in constant communication with you in how you feel.

The reflection of your experiences guides you to know what beliefs you hold and whether they are being led by the artificial intelligence of ego or are in full awareness in this infinite moment. All that is important is not the thoughts; it is surrendering fully to presence awareness, power and aliveness IS always now. In being present all false perceptions and self definitions are dissolved, opening you to be in full congruence with the timeless, endless truth of you.

© Edel O’Mahony

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* reference quote: Ramana Maharshi

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