The Addiction of Ego is Your Unconscious Existence

Society conditions to keep your focus on the external illusional fear based environment and over millennia this egoic conditioning became a parasite, an addiction and your unconscious existence. This has created generations of people being consumed by their artificial intelligence of ego through not honouring themselves, believing they are worthless, separated and invisible. Epigenetics just runs its natural course creating the energetic transmutation as reflection in external experiences.

Your cells are taking their signal from your beliefs, in this infinite moment, for whatever your perception is. YOU are creating your feared based external environment. Your power opens when you turn your focus within through self inquiry. In letting go of false perceptions and self definitions, by becoming fully present, this dissolves the ego and old neural networks in your brain.

In the self realization of your truth that you have always been whole and complete you begin opening innate truth and belief that begin new neural networks forming. You not only rewire your brain, you are creating the reflection of a new external environment wholly based on your highest values and truth.

© Edel O’Mahony

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