Life is a Myriad of Reflective Experiences Guiding You Back to Your Highest Truth

Every word, action and deed is reflecting your place of belief in yourself. You can observe other’s place of belief from their interactions and communications. In not honouring your own worth or respecting your immense value will show up as experiences of others trying to control you and those who do not honour commitments. Life is a myriad of reflective experiences guiding you back to your highest truth.

The mind creates the projected perception of belief, through the transmutation of energy as experiences and opportunities in your external world. Your life expression does not come from the material level, it originates beyond form in the energetic, psychic level and here is absolute abundance. Through thought, the ego creates a mind full of stories using your perception of past and future to continuously keep your focus in self defining and false perceptions.

Only you can change the experiences of your life, it all begins within. Observing your experiences through the strength of your vulnerability, you recognize the stories you are allowing to run, you recognize that these are transitory, illusionary projections. In self realization what you are is beyond the sum of the body and mind, brings you full present in the spacial awareness that you are. The power of this very moment is love, light and life – this moment is you.

© Edel O’Mahony

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