Conscious Business is About Transparency, Integrity and Truth

Every successful, conscious business will reflect the values of the people running it. The richness and integrity of a business is the reflection of the values and belief of themselves, of those working within it. Everything is interconnected. This starts with the business owners leading by example. If there is no conscious awareness then there is the addiction of ego and business will be about material gain, profit before social good.

Through letting the conditioning of ego’s false illusion of fear and anxiety as default, we have seen an old paradigm of fear driven business, based on priorities of bottom line profit above customer relationships, fear based selling that weaved a web of deceit through false perceptions in advertising and information. Whole
generations grew up believing that deceit was socially acceptable, perpetuating the fear based cycle.

Conscious business is about transparency, integrity and truth. This can only happen when every individual within business has done their own internal work to move from the false perceptions and self definitions, back to their innate presence in internal peace and the freedom of their truth through love based living. The interconnectedness of this will reflect in external experiences and in the heart of business. This is where true expansion and conscious business evolution happens.

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