When You Have the Feeling There is More to Life

When you have the feeling there is more to life, that you are here to do something monumental, this is the communication from your intuition reminding you, what you already know. It is your guidance that the ego is creating obstacles through illusional time based thoughts to keep you from your truth and to keep the fuel going that it feeds on. Through the science of epigenetics we know that your cells take their signal from your beliefs in this moment, that these become reflected as your external experience. So any doubt or uncertainty in your natural abundance will become the external reflection.

It is for you to create experiencing this knowing, through the energetic transmutation of your beliefs. Through the observation and reflection of them brings ever deepening insights to the believing and knowing of your highest purpose, from staying true to your highest truth. This becomes reflected in your external environment. To move away from a lifetime of conditioning both socially and generationally, takes strength and courage, it is as real a process as a drug addict going into recovery, yours is the recovery from the addiction of ego.

Believing it is possible, trusting in the transmutation, allows full presence awareness, to open your fullest expression of pure love. In presence you open as the power of life itself, the material experiences are the lowest energetic frequency, everything begins at the energetic, psychic level which remains in constant high frequency. New beginnings reside in this infinite moment, infinite possibilities are only limited by your belief in them and when you remove the obstacles, when you begin to understand that the force that is love, IS pure abundance, IS all you are, this transmutes into conscious opportunities, financial wealth and the peace in the freedom of your truth.

© Edel O’Mahony

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