The Duality Within Your Life Expression is Present to be Experienced

The duality within your life expression is present to be experienced, you cannot experience love without having the experience of fear. You cannot experience abundance without the experience of lack. All is already known in all you are beyond form, duality is only present in form and the purpose here is the experiencing. Consciousness is beyond emotion and thought, yet all knowing, all sensing. It is nothing and everything. It IS.

To confine yourself within one scale of emotions is to restrict your experiential expression. To allow the ego’s fear based conditioning to become your external environment restricts your experiencing the love you already have the ‘knowing’ of. Your soul purpose in expressing, is to experience through your beliefs creating the projected perception as experiences, as you create the remembering, growing and awareness.

Surrender to allowing yourself to experiences the full spectrum of emotions, to invite in every emotion and every experience, step into and through them to understand their transitory nature. When accepting what is experienced in this moment as ‘is as it is’ and open into the truth of YOU; only then can you know and lead by example for others in their own experiential expression.

© Edel O’Mahony

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