When You Do Not Fully Recognize the Love of Self Within You

When you feel the world is passing you by, that you are not seen or appreciated, you are witnessing the reflection of your internal environment and belief. When you do not fully recognize the love of self within you, honour the immense value and worth you uniquely bring to this world; it becomes your projected perception and creates your external environment. You may also witnessed reoccurring ill health, as your body brings meaning to you. Your cells are naturally in pure health, your false beliefs are the signal they act on and lower in energetic frequency. Lower frequency causes the immune system to become inflamed and compromised. Dis-ease is the body’s way of showing you that your innate truth is being compromised.

Allow yourself space to breathe and through self inquiry access and give space to those thoughts that create the false perceptions you are invisible, not worthy or insignificant. There is then the recognition these are transitory, illusionary self definitions and the opening to the knowing that you are not the sum of the body. In this space of presence the time based ego dissolves, the thoughts no longer have any power over you and can be let go in love for the experience they gave you.

Everything in your unique life is created by you, is the experiencing what is already known and in awakening to the self realization you are the indefinable, endless awareness itself, allows the experiential expression to take on true meaning. Your uniqueness is vital and essential as expression, a choice only you can make.

© Edel O’Mahony

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